Friday, June 25, 2021

Critical Race Theory

Ask a Jew why old Jewish men preferred to buy Cadillacs.

They wouldn't buy Lincoln Continentals because those are Ford products.

Henry Ford was a devout Aryan, much like his colleagues Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and most of the other multimillionaire industrialists of his era. Henry Ford was also very vocal in his prejudices against Jews and Blacks. He even bragged he liked Adolf Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, in which he is the only American mentioned. Ford proudly accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle award - the highest award the Nazi's could bestow on a foreigner - on July 30th, 1938, his 75th birthday, for his anti-Semitic writings in Detroit newspapers. 

Henry Ford was more vocal than most industrialists of his era, but he certainly wasn't alone. Even celebrities like Charles Lindbergh, the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, were notorious racists. He wrote western prowess in aviation was "one of those priceless possessions which permit the White race to live at all in a pressing sea of Yellow, Black, and Brown." In the November, 1939 issue of Readers Digest, Lindbergh wrote "We, the heirs of European culture, are on the verge of a disastrous war, a war within our own family of nations, a war which will reduce the strength and destroy the treasures of the White race. Our civilization depends on peace among Western nations, and therefore on united strength. We can have peace and security only so long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood, only so long as we guard ourselves against attack by foreign armies and dilution by foreign races." Adolf Hitler also awarded the Order of the German Eagle, but with a star, to Lindbergh.

The Aryan belief, the main political ideology in this country only recently discussed in public debate, was established by our county's founders. Even Thomas Jefferson, who had no great love of religion, -- "Religions are all alike – founded upon fables and mythologies"-- embraced it, as his suggestion for the Great Seal of the United States was no less than Hengist and Horsa, the two Germanic, Aryan Saxon brothers who, after invading England in 455 and becoming the first kings of Kent, ideologically founded the Anglo-Saxon race. The white supremacy ideology was embraced from Jedidah Morse to Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

In 1907, Joseph P. Widney, Chancellor of the University of Southern California, wrote in his widely read two-volume set, The Race Life of the Aryan Peoples; "Despotism is the one type of government which seems to be normal to the mind of the Negroid, the Mongol, and the Semite; and to-day is to them as three thousand years ago." 

The three laws of the Aryan dogma are: The white race founded all civilizations; when the white race maintains its whiteness, civilization is maintained; when the white race loses its whiteness, civilization is lost. Fairly straight forward, or rather, simple. It was the de facto rule of American politics until democrat Harry Truman integrated the American military in 1948 and social responsibilities were forced on us by the discovery of the atrocities of Nazi Germany. The Aryan sympathizers lost social face in America during the Civil Rights years of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, but always simmered just below the medias' attention, until Barack Obama was elected president. Then it began to boil once again, erupting in Charlottesville, Virginia, under the mentorship of President Trump.

It is again in full swing, bolstered and propagated by the interests of many diverse powers, including foreign powers which have seeded and propagated the insidious disintegration of our Democratic government. If you think the descendant families of the wealthy, international industrialists of the past have changed, you haven't paid attention to the billions of dollars spent to defeat President Obama’s social programs, or the effort taken during his tenure to prevent ANY legislation proposed by a black President from being signed into the law of the land. Medical reform, as a simple and sought-after, popular cause, was a four year battle, and regardless of its value, is the prime target for repeal by Conservatives today.

The Aryans supremacists are smarter today, they simply mask their hatred and prejudices behind the Bible and their interpretation of the Constitution. Educating the masses about the history of racism and the Critical Race Theory, especially with the fear of future generations of Latino and Black becoming the voting majority in America, is not to their advantage. Democracy is not to their advantage.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021


I hope I don’t antagonize my Christian friends by posting this blog… Wait a minute! Why am I apologizing? I have freedom of religion. I don’t have to be a Christian to be an American, or even an equal in the eyes of any supreme being! The Spanish no longer threaten me with a sword or the Puritans with a bonfire: Believe in our God or we will kill you. Those days are long gone. Yet I feel like an outcast in our social circles because I don’t believe any two thousand year old stories from the Middle East. None of them.

The basic humanistic concepts of Christianity are marvelous. Consider the “Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” However, I have Christian friends who shun me because I support the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his belief in the Constitution about Women’s Rights.

Let’s take the word “miracle.” The American news conglomerate CBS, Columbia Broadcasting System, recently used the word miracle twice in the same news story. “The miracle of medicine” was the one that caught my ear. Disavowing education and devotion to human endeavor, CBS assumed we are here only because of a “miracle.” I disagree. Human endeavor got us here.

Miracle might be described to human birth, were it not for the Christians who have managed to distort their definition of a “Christian birth.” Pity the poor life form that emerges from its mothers womb endowed with biological features that fall outside the Christian definitions of male or female. According to the UCLA School of Law, a MINIMUM of one million, four hundred thousand ADULT Americans are identified as transgender. According to my Christian friends, these people are apparently un-godly and deserve to be restricted from the rights bestowed on all other Americans. Again, I disagree.

Any human being born in America is an AMERICAN CITIZEN, bestowed with inalienable rights of every American! Every American is endowed with the same citizenship! There are no religious castes in the United States of America!

It is easy to see why religion in America, and in the world overall, is becoming unpopular and receding. I no longer apologize for not being part of it. I am not a Christian. I am a Humanist.

Two thousand year old fables versus our Constitution? The choice for me is easy.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A Second Glass of Wine...

If you were a sentient pool of water, blissfully as full and as calm as ever in your life, could you feel it if someone pulled a plug underneath you somewhere and water began flowing out? Could you turn toward the drain of your escaping environment, your comfortable, no, necessary life-supporting envelope that supports your very existence, and say, “There, that is the source of the loss, the drain, the parasite that removes my very soul, my life source?” Would you know how to stop it? How would you survive if the envelope around you is diminished, or even possibly totally removed and destroyed?

What if that attachment, that drain, that coupling to your energy field was simply another life-form, simply analyzing or sampling, almost innocently, of your all encompassing Torus Energy Pattern, the electro-magnetic field every living mammal on earth generates simply by existing, by being alive. It is simply the signature of life. Without it, you and every thing else is lifeless. Dead, as we humans call it.

Do we feel it subconsciously when our field has been accessed or altered? Perhaps a small anomaly, a small but distinct warp or deflection in the electromagnetic field which surrounds us, warns of an energy drain when our carefully balanced electromagnetic radiation shield, which we subconsciously created without any idea or comprehension of how, has been accessed or penetrated, even gently nudged. Don’t laugh. We have been using MAD, or Magnetic Anomaly Detectors to track Russian submarines for over forty years.

I wrote years ago about our place in the cosmos relative to other life forms. “When it comes to understanding the limits of universal power and energy, we are like dogs, watching our masters turn on the lights at night. We see it, just like our pets when we put our human hands against the wall, and viola, there is light, but just like our canine inferiors, we do not understand it. We must be Gods!”

But, we are not Gods. 

The organically created field that surrounds all of us humans may not be drained away by simply accessing it, but the warning flag is sent to our amygdala, the part of our poorly understood brain that warns of impending danger, as soon as it is imbalanced, something or someone has unexpectedly attached a drain to us. Something has alerted us to an intruder, something has unbalanced our naturally generated, electromagnetic envelopment field.

When someone stares at me from behind, what triggers my amygdala that tells me to turn around and look directly where my brain told me to look? What was the anomaly that allowed me to pin-point the exact location of the access of my loss, the exact penetration of my EMF field without engaging any of my other natural senses?

But what is it? Can the Russians tell when we are tracking their submarines? Has a Russian submarine Captain ever turned to his first officer while two hundred feet under water and said, “I feel like we’re being watched!”

Perhaps after another glass of wine, I’ll have an answer...

But then, maybe not.


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Distractions during the Pre-game Show

The eyes are photon receivers. They are far more intricate and advanced than man-made photon receivers, but they do not emit any kind of energy back out into the realm from which the photons were received. While they may shoot daggers figuratively, the eyes do not shoot ray-beams or lightning bolts or photons or electrons. They can't fry enemies or disintegrate obstacles. There are no known emissions from the eye. The human eye, much like the man-made photon receivers, convert one form of energy, light, into another, electricity, and send that minute signal to a processing center like a brain or a computer processor.

Why then can I tell when someone is watching me if they aren’t transmitting any known form of energy? What triggers my alarm? What activity, as yet undefinable, occurs that is not simply an abstract anomaly. I know I am not alone in having experienced this phenomena known as “gaze detection” or “gaze perception.”

More than once I have had the overwhelming feeling, an undefinable sense perhaps, of being watched. I knew exactly where to look to see who, or what, was staring at me. Once it was a dog, so I know the phenomena isn’t strictly limited to Homo Sapiens.

But what is it? What makes my senses so acute I actually look around to see who is looking at me? Do I subliminally feel my natural electrical/electromagnetic field, known as the Torus Energy Pattern, being attached, read, siphoned or even drained by an incredibly powerful receiver that is consuming or transferring my own energy away from me toward a given locus being the receiver staring at me? What in my unused or under-developed senses and capabilities allows me to detect the anomaly of my environment, whatever it is? What do the eyes really see and do?

Obviously there is more than simple vision, the process of defining light and sending the image to the brain involved, but what is it? The phenomena is and has been the subject of neurological studies for many years. According to an article by Phillip Perry, published in, Scientists have postulated a complex neural network is behind gaze detection. “So far,” he continues, “the neural network in humans remains unidentified.” He suggests the part of the brain known as the amygdala, which registers threats, “must be involved with gaze detection somehow.”

Oddly enough, studies have shown Macaque monkeys have been brain-mapped for gaze detection to within a few specific brain cells. The fact I find most engaging is the feeling of being watched dissipates when the gaze of the watcher is diverted by only a few degrees! The same symptom of turning a directional microphone away from the source of a sound. Some studies allude to peripheral vision, or watching other’s eyes, but none of this applies to my experiences. Some studies state we are “hard-wired” to assume someone is staring from behind. Again, not something that applies to me as I don’t really care who stares at me from behind. And again, I have never looked behind me to see if anyone is staring if I didn’t have the feeling to start with. Have there been times I was watched but didn’t feel the phenomena? Entirely possible, but I will never know because, obviously, I didn’t have a need to look so I didn’t!

So I persist with my question, why do I feel when someone is staring at me from behind. What physical conditions exist to create the phenomena?

Aah, the things I write while waiting for the Super Bowl.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Family Tradition

I picked the Sloppy Floyd State Park just outside Summerville, Georgia, sight unseen, based on the online reviews and its location on our route south. Only forty miles from Cloudland Canyon, it gave us a time-cushion as an easy-going intermediate rest-stop as we headed back south to meet our daughter and her family in Athens. The name Sloppy Floyd just didn’t evoke visions of a pristine campground, regardless of the on-line reviews, but it was on the way and we still had a week to kill before all our schedules aligned. Sloppy Floyd was a good solution to our timing problem.

But, Sloppy Floyd? Who was this guy anyway? Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial US Representative from Georgia’s 14th District, probably knows his history well. Her 14th District in northern Georgia includes Summerville and Chatooga County, and of course Sloppy Floyd State Park.

It all homogenizes into the same blend of conservative tonic when you realize Speaker of the House, James “Sloppy” Floyd, the park’s namesake, led the fight to prevent the first black legislator from being sworn in 1965. Julian Bond, later famous as a Civil Rights leader and head of the NAACP, was finally seated in the Georgia House in 1967 by order of the U.S. Supreme Court - after being elected two years earlier in 1965 - and Sloppy stormed out in protest.

Supposedly it wasn’t a race issue, but a Freedom of Speech case that has ramifications that actually apply to Ms. Greene. ‘Ol Sloppy led a House hearing that excluded Bond from being seated by a vote of 184 to 12, not because of race, they said, but because Mr. Bond made an anti-Vietnam war comment. According to an article in the November 2019 issue of Atlanta magazine, Mr. Bond said “"I don’t think that I, as a second-class citizen of the United States, have a requirement to support that war.”

Sloppy Floyd and his fellow representatives felt Julian Bond’s comments “were not consistent with a legislator’s oath of support for the Constitution,” and voted to prevent him from taking the oath of office. In response, Julian Bond filed a Federal Lawsuit to overturn the house decision. By a 2 to 1 vote, the three judge panel upheld the Georgia House decision to bar Mr. Bond. Undeterred, Julian took his case to the U.S. Supreme Court, where all nine justices agreed Mr. Bond’s right to free speech had been violated. It was two years after his election when he was finally seated in the Georgia legislature and ‘Ol Sloppy stormed out.

‘Ol Marjorie hasn’t stormed out yet, but somehow I think she might someday, waving her Q-Anon flag as she goes. I can’t help but think someday, somewhere in a remote corner of Georgia, there may be a Marjorie Taylor Greene State Park.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Work at Home!

America will be saved from the Corona virus pandemic that has killed more Americans than died in combat in the Second World War if we all work at home! It has become the new slogan for all Corona Virus vulnerable, working age people, regardless of nationality or race or religion. Simple! Isolate from the real world and live in the magical, mythical world of simplistic idealism.

It seems to be the blanket assumption for the entire population made by almost all planners, from academics to local politicians, who have I listened to on television or Internet video. It is assumed we’re all going to sit in front of our Zoom screens and have another distance-appropriate meeting about some ethereal, business shaking problem while some imaginary driver delivers our eggs or a make-believe plumber fixes our leaking hot-water heaters. Here I sit with my cobweb-covered tool kit at my feet, waiting in front of my computer screen wondering how the land of Pollyanna plans on unclogging the myriad toilets across America, jammed with socks, paper towels and used tampons.

Welcome to reality. Some of us have to do the stuff the planners and law-makers who have always lived in lala land simply don’t comprehend. Include the media in the creation of an idealistic parallel universe where simplistic answers magically lead us to salvation without the honest view of reality. Somebody has to be on site to actually turn a wrench to fix your problem. I can sit in front of my Zoom screen and talk until I’m blue in the face and your commode will still back up and flood your bathroom with the disintegration of idealistic philosophy if I can’t transmit my skills and expertise to you effectively through the electronic medium of the Internet.

From plumbers to FAA controllers, Police officers, Firemen, checkout clerks, and especially nurses, this country will slam, not slowly grind, to a halt if we all stay at home. We can’t do it from home. Period. MASK UP, AMERICA! GET YOUR CORONA VACCINE!



Thursday, January 14, 2021


The walls to ApathyLand crumbled and fell asunder while we watched the incredible attack on our Capitol live on television and live-streaming Internet. The fa├žade of our convoluted, almost imaginary civilization came crashing down on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021. Our democracy didn't crumble, only the realization that its strength and invincibility was only as strong as a handful of bipartisan patriots. We looked around as the tear gas clouds drifted away and found we could suddenly see clearly how close we came to losing our beloved freedom!

We could see the truth without having to actually breathe the tear-gas being used to repel invaders from the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. What we could see so clearly appalled us. It stunned us. A well orchestrated, organized attack on America was underway to force the United States of America to accept a leader we did not elect!

Who could possibly have foreseen an all-white army, dressed in military-style gear, bought with credit cards, march single-file up the steps to the Capitol building while the mass of Trump 2020 and Don't Tred on Me flags parted like the Red Sea to let them in? Who knew a handful of Congressional aides and clerks in the basement of the Capitol would hurriedly relocate the sacred ballots away from the attacking hoards? 

Who knew we would be attacked for voting for Joe Biden? Who knew the majority of Americans were being attacked to take away their vote? The United States of America survived not because of a strong military, but because our local friends and neighbors all across America did their jobs. The clerks and polling volunteers in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Arizona who stood by their honor and their duty to country were the heroes. Many of them were volunteers. They saved America.

We can see clearly now. ApathyLand has disappeared.

We know who knew.


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