Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Work at Home!

America will be saved from the Corona virus pandemic that has killed more Americans than died in combat in the Second World War if we all work at home! It has become the new slogan for all Corona Virus vulnerable, working age people, regardless of nationality or race or religion. Simple! Isolate from the real world and live in the magical, mythical world of simplistic idealism.

It seems to be the blanket assumption for the entire population made by almost all planners, from academics to local politicians, who have I listened to on television or Internet video. It is assumed we’re all going to sit in front of our Zoom screens and have another distance-appropriate meeting about some ethereal, business shaking problem while some imaginary driver delivers our eggs or a make-believe plumber fixes our leaking hot-water heaters. Here I sit with my cobweb-covered tool kit at my feet, waiting in front of my computer screen wondering how the land of Pollyanna plans on unclogging the myriad toilets across America, jammed with socks, paper towels and used tampons.

Welcome to reality. Some of us have to do the stuff the planners and law-makers who have always lived in lala land simply don’t comprehend. Include the media in the creation of an idealistic parallel universe where simplistic answers magically lead us to salvation without the honest view of reality. Somebody has to be on site to actually turn a wrench to fix your problem. I can sit in front of my Zoom screen and talk until I’m blue in the face and your commode will still back up and flood your bathroom with the disintegration of idealistic philosophy if I can’t transmit my skills and expertise to you effectively through the electronic medium of the Internet.

From plumbers to FAA controllers, Police officers, Firemen, checkout clerks, and especially nurses, this country will slam, not slowly grind, to a halt if we all stay at home. We can’t do it from home. Period. MASK UP, AMERICA! GET YOUR CORONA VACCINE!



Thursday, January 14, 2021


The walls to ApathyLand crumbled and fell asunder while we watched the incredible attack on our Capitol live on television and live-streaming Internet. The fa├žade of our convoluted, almost imaginary civilization came crashing down on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021. Our democracy didn't crumble, only the realization that its strength and invincibility was only as strong as a handful of bipartisan patriots. We looked around as the tear gas clouds drifted away and found we could suddenly see clearly how close we came to losing our beloved freedom!

We could see the truth without having to actually breathe the tear-gas being used to repel invaders from the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. What we could see so clearly appalled us. It stunned us. A well orchestrated, organized attack on America was underway to force the United States of America to accept a leader we did not elect!

Who could possibly have foreseen an all-white army, dressed in military-style gear, bought with credit cards, march single-file up the steps to the Capitol building while the mass of Trump 2020 and Don't Tred on Me flags parted like the Red Sea to let them in? Who knew a handful of Congressional aides and clerks in the basement of the Capitol would hurriedly relocate the sacred ballots away from the attacking hoards? 

Who knew we would be attacked for voting for Joe Biden? Who knew the majority of Americans were being attacked to take away their vote? The United States of America survived not because of a strong military, but because our local friends and neighbors all across America did their jobs. The clerks and polling volunteers in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Arizona who stood by their honor and their duty to country were the heroes. Many of them were volunteers. They saved America.

We can see clearly now. ApathyLand has disappeared.

We know who knew.


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