Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A Second Glass of Wine...


If you were a sentient pool of water, blissfully as full and as calm as ever in your life, could you feel it if someone pulled a plug underneath you somewhere and water began flowing out? Could you turn toward the drain of your escaping environment, your comfortable, no, necessary life-supporting envelope that supports your very existence, and say, “There, that is the source of the loss, the drain, the parasite that removes my very soul, my life source?” Would you know how to stop it? How would you survive if the envelope around you is diminished, or even possibly totally removed and destroyed?

What if that attachment, that drain, that coupling to your energy field was simply another life-form, simply analyzing or sampling, almost innocently, of your all encompassing Torus Energy Pattern, the electro-magnetic field every living mammal on earth generates simply by existing. It is simply the signature of life. Without it, you and every thing else is lifeless. Dead, as we humans call it.

Do we feel it subconsciously when it has been accessed? Perhaps a small anomaly, a small but distinct warp in the Electromagnetic field which surrounds us warns of an energy drain when an intelligent – by that I mean a capability of some sort we simply do not as yet comprehend – which has intercepted our radiation or energy transmission, penetrated our carefully balanced electromagnetic radiation shield which we subconsciously created without any idea or comprehension of how, simply being alive. Don’t laugh. We have been using MAD, or Magnetic Anomaly Detectors to track Russian submarines for over forty years.

I wrote years ago about our place in the cosmos relative to other life forms. “When it comes to understanding the limits of universal power and energy, we are like dogs, watching our masters turn on the lights at night. We see it, just like our pets when we put our human hands against the wall, and viola, there is light, but just like our canine inferiors, we do not understand it. We must be Gods!”

But, we aren’t.

The organically created field that surrounds all of us humans may not be drained away by simply accessing it, but the warning flag is sent to our amygdala, the part of our poorly understood brain that warns of impending danger, as soon as it is imbalanced, something or someone has unexpectedly attached a drain to us. Something has alerted us to an intruder, something has unbalanced our naturally generated, electromagnetic envelopment field.

When someone stares at me from behind, what triggers my amygdala that tells me to turn around and look directly where my brain told me to look? What was the anomaly that allowed me to pin-point the exact location of the access of my loss, the exact penetration of my EMF field without engaging any of my other natural senses?

But what is it? Can the Russians tell when we are tracking their submarines? Has a Russian submarine Captain ever turned to his first officer while two hundred feet under water and said, “I feel like we’re being watched!”

Perhaps after another glass of wine, I’ll have an answer...

But then, maybe not.


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