Wednesday, November 25, 2020

No! I Won’t!

 I don’t care what any Democrat says or tells me to do! I will not compromise my beliefs to satisfy the 70 million or so who voted for Trump in the 2020 election. On the contrary, I believe the Republican Party in every venue should be prosecuted for violation of the Voting Rights Acts across the country! This is not a political issue; it is a legal one. The blatantly unconcealed attempt to corrupt our Democracy has invalidated the Republican party’s political standing in our country.

The Republican party has proven beyond doubt that their concept of citizenship does not meet the values guaranteed every American citizen under the Constitution of the United States. According to their wildly broadcast and highly public legal actions across the country, American citizens not approved by the Republican Party do not have the right to vote! While the Conservative Evangelical Republicans hold the Bible close to their chests, they choose to overlook the Bible in Exodus 21:7-11 which tells a father how to sell his daughter! While they may get to pick and choose which Biblical passages they choose to ignore, the same does not apply to a secular government such as held by the United States of America. All laws apply to all citizens. But not according to the Republican party! The Constitution be damned!

How could I possibly meet these people? Would I ask them to take off their white, pointed hoods - but let them wear their insignia-decorated robes - as we discuss how they want us to run the country? I don’t think so. Are there 70 million of them? Doesn’t matter to me. I will never bow to their white power mantra. Ever.

This isn’t about politics; politics is a moot point among the masses. Politics is only discussed by the educated. Emotion rules the rest of us. This is a football game gone bad. Team supporters wear their team’s colors and vehemently support their team. The rabid fans spend small fortunes on trinkets and flags and paraphernalia sold with their teams colors. Why? The winning Superbowl team fans gets to drive around honking their car horns and being generally obnoxious after the football game. They honk and yell as if they really accomplished something.

However, in a Presidential election, the honking goes on for four years. The trump supporters have no idea what they accomplished. Sadly, they do not care.

But I remember Charlottesville.

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