Saturday, October 3, 2020



On this day in early October, 2020, over half of the entire population of the United States is in a dilemma. These are the very people who voted against Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election or those who now oppose him in the 2020 election. The quandary is President Donald J. Trump has been diagnosed with COVID-19, a virus which can be very deadly if it so chooses, so do we pray for his recovery or not?

Technically, Mr. Trump tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus of which the COVID-19 is a component. He was transported Friday afternoon to the Walter Reed Walter Reed National Military Medical Center even though he previously had bone spurs that prevented his US military services and therefore prevented his admittance to this iconic medical institution. His current position as Commander in Chief overrides any previous disqualifications for admittance to a US military hospital.

On his first day of hospitalization his doctor, Dr. Sean P. Conley, Trump’s physician, said we’re “72 hours into the diagnosis,” meaning the president could have tested positive as early as Wednesday, even though the official White House release said "The President was first diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 on the evening of Thursday, October 1st and had received Regeneron's antibody cocktail on Friday, October 2nd,"

The quandary is how do Christians, or any other humanistic form of religious belief, wish or pray for the recuperation of anyone who could kill them if he survives? They know Trump would drive a dagger through any opponent’s heart, deny it and blame it on someone else if the situation were reversed.

As a humanist, I can not wish ill of any life form, no matter how despicable it is to my sensibilities. Yet, I know my survival depends on its extermination. My whole being, my family’s future, the future of my beloved country, depends on the defeat of evil and turning away from Fascism.

It is only a dilemma for those who would abandon their loved ones and their country for temporary moral solace, those who fail to see there is no America coming with a future D-Day to save the world.

In Trump's own words, "It is what it is."

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Kissing Snakes

These times will try everyone's faith in their particular religion. Please remember what works for some does not work for others. Case in point is an article you may want to read about a Pentecostal Pastor who refused medical aid for a Rattlesnake bite during a church service. He died that night at home. The article states "It's estimated that 125 churches in the United States use poisonous snakes during services today, with many clustered in the South. In tiny churches tucked away in rural Appalachia, ‘snake handling’ is a long-standing tradition, one that took root in this region more than a century ago.”

These pastors believe that to "take up serpents" is a form of religious expression. In the King James Bible, Mark 16:18 says, "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them."

Do you think they are foolish? That is their religion. How about you? Will you go to church service this next call for prayer or mass because you are not afraid of the Corona virus? Even the Pope was socially isolating, there was no mass in St Peters for Easter. 

How do people not of your religion view you?

Whether you believe God will protect you if you handle poisonous snakes or go mask-less during a pandemic, keep your religion to yourself and act like a good citizen. How would you feel if someone put a rattlesnake around your shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, God won’t let you die if the snake bites you?” Stay safe and isolate! Wear a mask! The virus doesn't spread by itself, we spread it!

Don’t put your snake around my shoulders! 

Monday, August 24, 2020


I finally found a supplier on the Internet to order my cloth, Air Force missile badges at a reasonable price. I never had the chance to sew my latest badge on my fatigue uniform while I was in the Air Force, I took my discharge before the patches became available.

Who cares?” You ask? Well, I do. I want to sew it on my fabric anti-COVID-19 face mask. A mark, a notice to all that wearing a face mask is the right thing to do. If veterans do it, then it must be OK. But, things change and what was once a special badge of service is now a long forgotten footnote in the short American attention span. My old job is so passe nobody even remembers why we did it in the first place. Only my peers who also wear the badge know what it means.

Before I go down the rabbit hole of distraction here, let me first express my admiration for those who excelled in whatever MOS, NEC, or AFSC they were in. Don’t know what the acronyms stand for? A few of the “veterans” I meet don’t either. For the ones who really sweated it out, I simply ask for your understanding. I sweated it out, too. I hold a Master Missileman Badge and it took me seven years to earn it. And that brings me to the complainers. You know, the ones who say we’re taking away their freedom by asking them to protect others.

Many of the anti-maskers I’ve listened to are not veterans, but oddly, there is a group of hero wannabes who parade around in badgeless, second-hand camo uniforms, holding their imitation M-16s they bought with credit cards across their chests who only wear face covering to prevent identification. They act like they are begging for someone to thank them for their service while they try to intimidate those who think and act differently than they do.

My dad, an Army field artillery veteran who ended up with five bronze battle stars, went ashore at Oran, North Africa, the very day I was born in November, 1942, once told me “Beware of flag wavers, most of them never served.” If he knew I ordered my old Air Force badges to sew on my COVID masks to encourage others to wear protective face covering, he would simply look at me over the top of his newspaper, and keep on reading.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Letter to My Country

My great grandfather, Robert Stubblefield, served three years and one week in the Confederate Army, He spent over eighteen months, or half of his enlistment, hospitalized with gun shot wounds, and the last six months as a prisoner of war in West Buildings in Baltimore. Robert Stubblefield is on the on the CSA Roll of Honor, for wounds received at the second battle of Manassas. His name is cruelly misspelled as Studfield, but his official records shows Robert signed by “X.” He could not have corrected the error simply because he could not read or write.

I have the US Army records showing Robert was captured by Union troops after being wounded at Winchester, Virginia, on the September 19th, 1864, but didn't receive field surgery until six days later. He received field surgery on September 25, 1864, from Ass't Surgeon Burdett, USA Depot Field Hospital, Winchester, Virginia, for "removal of rib fragments and simple dressing".

Robert was not a slave owner, in fact, it appears he was in bondage when he enlisted and was freed by serving in the Confederate Army. Plain and simple, he was just another foot soldier, a GI. One who does what he is told to do, and believes what he was told to believe. He did it proudly and at great cost. He was no different than the young soldiers of today who have been ordered to tear gas innocent protesters because that is their duty to obey orders. Unfortunately, history will judge them as harshly as it has judged my great-grandfather. It will be even harsher on those police officers who fail to serve their communities much less their country.

I qualify to join the Sons of the Confederacy, or more correctly the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Their mission is, and this is a direct quote from their website - “Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought.” I do not understand why. Vindicating slavery is appalling to me.

There are no monuments to Hitler in Munich. There are no statues of Himmler in Berlin nor parks or streets named after Goebbels anywhere in the country. There are no organizations in Germany that openly glorify exterminating Jews as we have here extolling the virtues of slavery. In the five and a half years I was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Air Force, I never once saw a swastika or any kind of tribute to the Nazi’s. There are no Nazi flags flying the infield at any automobile race. Yet in my country, I see monuments to insurrection and slavery every day. Americans have been molded to believe we are the moral saviors of the oppressed the world over, but sadly, we not only condone oppression in our own country, we systematically and comfortably indulge it. Keeping hatred alive and festering has a deep, evil motive. It is time for America to tear down the statues that glorify evil. They do not show our love for our forefathers, those who served the political and financial bidding of others. They serve only to misdirect the youth and the easily deceived.

It is time to for America to change. It is time to honor our Constitution. It starts with “We the People...”

Friday, June 21, 2019

2010 - Letter to the Editor - Revisted

Kudos to who ever found Ken Huber’s old letter to the editor of the Iosco County News written back in March of 2010 and re-posted it to the Internet again nine years later. Huber, a former assistant city manager of White Bear, Michigan, asked in his old letter, written back when the liberals had been in the Presidency for almost two years, “Has America become the land of special interest and the home of the double standard?” Well, nine years after being first published, our President Trump has finally drained the swamp and set Washington DC on the straight and narrow path, I certainly hope we’ve corrected the liberal problems Mr. Huber identified in his letter.

Huber complains: “If we lie to Congress, it’s a felony...” Well, not anymore it Isn’t! Our President Trump changed that in a heartbeat! Lying to Congress, or anyone else for that matter, is now done on a daily basis. Sarah Sanders has mastered the skill to the point where Huber must be tickled pink. Today, the White House can lie to anyone at anytime and do it with impunity!

His next complaint - “If we dislike a black person, we’re racist and if a black person dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment right” - was solved quickly and forcefully by President Trump when he called the champions of white independence at Charlottesville, Virginia, “Good People.” No more coddling blacks, now they get shot just for traffic stops and common thievery!

Based on Mr. Huber’s comment, “If we dislike a black person,” one easily deduces Mr. Huber is white. I assume he relies on his experience in his hometown of Tawas City, Michigan, - population 1,827 at the time he wrote the letter – as an example of how the 1,770 upstanding white citizens were getting tired of being pushed around by the thirteen African-Americans who lived in his fair city. I can imagine when those African-Americans teamed up with the sixteen Asians, the four Native Americans, and the handful of people listed as "other races," they created a powerful voting block that must have ruled this northern Michigan town mercilessly. It was about time the poor, mistreated whites stood up for themselves!

Huber is just getting started, fed up with mollycoddling criminals and ignoring their victims when he hits a real sore point with Michiganders: Homosexuality! Apparently it's taught in public schools up there! And he’s right in the next sentence, too. It’s about time somebody ignored the US Constitution and started teaching their own version of religion in public school using my tax dollars even though I don’t believe the religion he wants to teach. Church and family just isn’t getting it done anymore!

Wow, there is so much more to comment on, and he touches on many important issues, including censorship, mass murders, Korea, pornography, and my very favorite: only supporting the Constitution when it fits our personal needs. He certainly hit the nail on the head with that one. 

 George Mindling

Sunday, June 16, 2019


We accidentally infected ourselves with a dose of dystopia and I am waiting to see if it develops into terminal monarchy or if the current dismantling of our Constitution is just a temporary malady that will soon pass, hopefully without lasting scars.
Our new disease is an intelligent permutation of the old feudal system that ruined Europe. An insidious, festering disease, perhaps introduced methodically by an enemy working for years to incubate the virus and infect America, causes fear and hatred as it ferments misogynistic white racial superiority. We know if left unchecked, it can be fatal. The final symptom is the permanent elimination of liberty and freedom.

Politics had nothing to do with an unqualified, self-admitted philanderer walking through the front door of the white house leaving a qualified, dedicated politician and her overpaid staff of consultants at the gate wondering what happened. I know what happened: we sent a bully to Washington to teach the politicians who forgot about us a lesson. We did it on purpose. We did to Washington D.C. what Fidel Castro did to the United States with the Mariel boatlift.

As a result, we now have the most corrupt Presidential administration in my lifetime, even worse than Nixon. Voters didn’t know Nixon was morally corrupt, but almost every voter in 2016 knew Trump wasn’t someone you’d let count your silverware or anywhere near your teenage daughter. But they liked belligerent Trump better than ingratiating Hilary – especially with the external meddling – and he was handed the key to our National mansion.

We’ve had the inoculation, now lets see if we get a reaction to it. Psychologist William J. McGuire may unfortunately be correct, however: If the dose of the disease we’ve received doesn’t cause the voting public to suffer personally, they will simply accept the symptoms as part of the normal future. McGuire’s inoculation theory – according to Wikipedia – states “functions as a strategy to protect attitudes from change – to confer resistance to counter-attitudinal influences, whether such influences take the form of direct attacks or sustained pressures.” If we don’t defeat the disease with our inoculation, we may just become so insensitive to the blisters and fever we succumb to it without a fight. If the immunization takes place, however, nepotism, seditious narcissism, and treason in the office of the Presidency and in Congress will join polio as something we won’t worry about for a long, long time.

As the rest of the world watched incredulously, we were reminded terrible plagues may not be really eliminated, just dormant, and given the right conditions for incubation, will reinfect us. Not just measles, but tyranny and monarchy as well.

Perhaps America will heal itself and recover. But, perhaps not. Perhaps Tyranny will continually adapt just like the viruses that render antibiotics ineffective and the United States of America will never recover. After all, we are a capitalistic society. All the disease has to do is cloak itself with money.

George Mindling
Port Charlotte, FL

Thursday, May 11, 2017


A friend died yesterday. He didn’t “pass away” or “succumb to an illness.” No, he died. In a lucid moment before he lost consciousnesses, Sy loudly and boldly told everyone present in his hospice room, “I’m not going to fucking die!” 

But, he did. Try as hard as he could, he could not stop it. None of us can, and we all know it. If Sy couldn’t win his last argument, none of us will. 

Sy was one in only a hand full of liberals who, in the late 60’s and early 70’s in the Miami IBM office, stood up for the young, apprehensive black new employees being hired as America joined the rest of the civilized world. Sy famously said “Segregation is bullshit! I’m a Jew and I know what I’m talking about!” 

He was true to his beliefs, and one of those most important to him was that we are all equal. Sy knew no color boundaries or religious definitions except one: intolerance. Sy was intolerant of intolerance. 

Anyone who knew Sy knew where he stood. His friends were his friends, regardless of where we worked or what we did. Political discussions were his wellspring and he would tackle any conservative or repressive, backward view of human rights with a vigor reserved for those who believe with all their heart that no one has the right to diminish any other human being. He was as fervent and dedicated in his opposition to tyranny and oppression, regardless of where he encountered it, as any one I have ever known.

Sy is missed. Sy will always be missed. 


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