Thursday, February 9, 2017


“Give him a chance!” you say. “Quit harping on him,” I’m told, “Just because you lost the election, you complain about everything he does.”

When you find a cottonmouth water moccasin in your path, you keep your eye on it until you remove the threat, one way or another. You stand a damn good chance of getting killed if you don’t.

Ignore Maury? I don't think so...

Everyone knows, regardless of their political position or their faith in God – or any other Supreme Being – Donald J. Trump displays incontestable symptoms of being mentally ill almost daily.

Who knows what detrimental nonsense he will have espoused by the time you read this. He makes King George III, considered by some to be the real father of our country, seem sane in comparison. [Authors note: King George III is NOT George Washington, our first President, but then, a high school education would have eliminated the need for this note.]

Trump proves daily he is delusional and acutely paranoid. Those who believe an invisible power will command Trump’s hand to lead them to their destiny or fulfill their ambitions will find the Native Americans were on to something when they sat their disconnected elders outside in the snow with a pipe of peyote rather than let them inside the tepee to divvy up the buffalo hides. Those advisers and family members close to the new President of the United States who condone, or perhaps even manipulate these deficiencies, are, to me, no less than traitors.

Trump has proven daily since his inauguration he has no concept of the Constitution he swore to uphold. He simply thinks all there is to being President is passing out somebody else’s wampum while he stands on the highest ceremonial mound in the village bragging about how lucky the braves are to have him do the important work. I was listening to his speech being broadcast on building the wall against Mexico as I wrote this. His fabrications and distortion of facts are mind boggling.

Now he’s claiming someone told him torture works. The list of bizarre Presidential actions and tweets grows daily. A fellow golfer, a German citizen no less, told him about wide-spread voter fraud and Trump responded with a controversial accusation that has turned our Democracy into turmoil. On Wednesday, Feb 1st, Trump insulted the Prime Minister of Australia and hung up the telephone on him! All the while, his friend Putin begins the invasion of Ukraine, unnoticed in the west because of Trump’s red-herring grandstanding in front of the media.

I am one of the relatively few who has ever placed both hands on a live nuclear weapon. It was easy to do while reinstalling the live Explosive Relay Package in the arming system of the Mace missile's Mark 28 warhead, one of my Safety and Arming duties. I underwent intensive training, psychological screening, security background checks, and constant monitoring by my superiors. Several of my Air Force veteran friends on Facebook also know the intense scrutiny we were under, and while they may not share my political views, they know very well the consequences of displaying bizarre actions when you are entrusted with any nuclear weapon responsibilities. But, Donald John Trump is not subject to any of the intense scrutiny and constant monitoring every other Serviceman or Servicewoman involved in our nuclear weapons program undergoes constantly.

Anyone showing any symptoms considered unstable would be removed immediately from their position, but he is President, untested, unscreened, and untrained to have access to any nuclear weapon, and yet the media and half of Congress refuse to acknowledge Donald John Trump’s bizarre actions and statements.

And you, America, gave him not one nuclear weapon, but all of them.


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