Thursday, December 10, 2015

Donald Trump: Mythical White Knight on the Dark Horse of Hypocrisy

[In his highly publicized, and criticized, campaign, Donald Trump has ignited a firestorm of world-wide controversy.  I wrote this in December, 2015, and have been compelled to update the original article as Donald Trump has, as of May 26, 2016, enough party delegates (1,238) in the upcoming Republican convention, making him unbeatable as the presumptive nominee of the Republican party for President of the United States in the 2016 elections - George]


Donald Trump, American real estate Icon and Presidential candidate, organizer of an international beauty contest where young, gorgeous, scantily dressed women strut across brightly lit stages, has set the American political system on its ear. While unofficially the leader of the Republican Presidential candidate pack – Donald Trump - political protege of Archie Bunker - is a creation Dr. Frankenstein would envy.  The burning torches the terrified Republicans carry as they huddle around the base of the Republican National Committee castle do nothing more than illuminate the fact they are stuck with a monster that they themselves created. 

At first just the darling of the rapidly fading right-wing Tea Party, Trump now even appeals to some supposedly educated people who should know better because Trump and Trump alone, fulfills the promise of a Federal government separated from the Washington establishment, the basic plank of Freedom Work's Dick Armey-created, conservative, ultra-right wing splinter group of the Republican Party. Once they started the fire, they couldn't put it out, and Trump slowly emerged from the inferno as if fueled by the unrelenting, vitriolic hatred constantly spewed by right-wing media that fueled the inferno in the first place. 

Trump recently attacked the ethnicity of an American born Federal judge who recently ruled against Trump's attorneys in a class-action lawsuit against the now-defunct, and never accredited, Trump University, causing House Speaker Paul Ryan to publicly gag just hours after Ryan ceremoniously endorsed Trump for President. 

Will Speaker Ryan have the intestinal fortitude to separate himself from Trump's maniacal, yet effective, appeal to the base conservative voter? Probably not, and that is the very reason Trump is popular. Trump doesn't give a bowel movement about the Republican party, and the Republicans know it. They just don't have the testicles or the courage to say the Emperor has no clothes. The disgruntled voters Trump appeals to don't like the rank and file Republicans in Congress either, but they hate Hillary and the liberals even more.

Donald Trump has staked out new ground in political rhetoric, at least in the United States, by declaring all followers of the religion of Islam as potential enemies of the United States until proven otherwise. While most Constitution-loving Americans choke on their own bile in disgust over Trump's statement, I must confess I feel he is at least half-right in his condemnation of religious extremism, and I wondered why Trump only included one religion which regularly kills innocent, unarmed Americans in his ban of religious extremists. The answer is of course quite simple, just as the potential voters the 1930's comment is designed to inflame. 

One definition comes to mind as Trump climbs the steps to the podiums across the intellectual back-woods of America: Carpetbagger. 

The next question is will he sell his marvelous white, under-eye shadow using a newly launched line of men's cosmetics? 

A bigger question hanging in the torch-lit air that no one asks is: Who would President Trump ban next? Atheists? Agnostics? Liberals? Anyone who is pro-choice? Anyone who doesn't pay his ransom?

Think this is funny? No one laughed in Auschwitz. It started the same way.

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Donald Trump: Mythical White Knight on the Dark Horse of Hypocrisy

[In his highly publicized, and criticized, campaign, Donald Trump has ignited a firestorm of world-wide controversy.  I wrote this in Dec...